Making Moves...

9/04/2015 0 Comments

Every single year, I get excited as educators across the country get geared up for the start of school. We start to see that new excitement, nervousness and confusion about the first day set in - and that's just for the teachers! Every year we create a list of what we want to do for our students, how we want to stand out and step up and be the best educators that we can be. It's amazing to see.

This week kicked off my 11th year in the field of education. Over the past 10 years, I have been a Social Studies teacher and loved just about every single aspect of teaching. The thrill of teachers and students on the first day of school, the enjoyment our students come across when they are learning about something that interests them, the debating and arguing that takes place when a student knows they have a correct answer or the start of a great thought, and of course the amazing bonds that are built over a school year between teachers, students and colleagues.

As I start my 11th year, this is the first time that I will not be at the head of a classroom working with my students. I have recently started a new position, where I am the Professional Development Coordinator of a school district in Bergen County, New Jersey. This is a major change in my career, but something that I felt I could not pass up. I view this position, in a way, as a leadership role. This position allows me to work closely with teachers to help them better integrate technology into their classroom activities and lessons. Education Technology is a passion of mine, and I love the new and growing opportunities to use technology in the classroom to get our students ready for real world situations. I am very excited to work with teachers to get them excited about the things that they can now do with their students to get them engaged and excited about new topics they are learning.

I believe that we all need to take chances when it comes to our lives and careers. This is that first step for me to become the Educational Leader that I want to be in the future. In this new position, I am able to work with teachers to help them integrate new technology into their classrooms to engage, entertain and bring the most out of their students. This is a demanding position and I am up for the challenge. I have been told that the expectations have been set high for me, based on what I bring to the table and the person that I am replacing.

One thing that I understand as a connected educator is that I am not doing this alone. It has been so great to have so many people by my side pushing me to take the risk. There will be times where I don't have the answer and will have to turn to my amazing support staff to help, I just hope that when I signal them, that they answer the call.