Are You Ready?

It's that time again. The summer is winding down and both teachers and students know what's coming around the corner... It's Back to School Time!  

The thought of going back to school always has me wondering, Am I Ready? Even though I will be stepping into my classroom for 10th year, I still get the first day jitters. What is my goal for this year? How will I get students to become more engaged in class? Will my students enjoy my class this year? Each year I put so much pressure on myself to make sure that my class is interesting, exciting and mostly FUN! Every summer, even more so this year, I go through my check lists to make sure I am ready for Day 1 and ready to get the year off on the right foot. 

This year my district is moving toward Chrome Books in the hope that next year we are a 1:1 district. I am already planning on how to use Google Apps for Education (GAFE) and I can't wait. I feel like a little kid with how excited and giddy I am to get this year started. I am really hoping that I am ready for the challenge this year has. I think I am ready... Are YOU?


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