PD at its BEST! #TMNJ14

On August 18th, close to 500 educators gathered together at Richard Stockton College to learn about how to excite, engage and help our students grow. Even though this UNconference was 2 hours away, hitting the road at 5:30am was not too tough because I knew that I would be walking away with some valuable tools that I will integrate into the classroom in the first few weeks of school. 

Not only was this a great opportunity to learn, it is always a great way to collaborate, meet new people and come face to face with people I've connected with on Twitter. Hearing about new technology, taking a look at what others are doing in their classrooms and their willingness to share their resource makes what we do more engaging. 

Looking around and seeing so many teachers, counselors, administrators and superintendents excited about how they can better themselves as educators is inspiring. The passion to learn how to better prepare students for greatness in their classrooms and schools is one reason I am proud to be an educator.

It's amazing what one day can do for you!

I hope to see many of you at EdCamp New Jersey in November!
(Register Here: http://www.edcampnj.org/)


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