2015: One Word

With the change in the year, comes a change in my mindset. I look at 2015 with a new perspective, new goal setting both personally and professionally and new challenges that I am ready to take on.

One goal that I have set for myself is to blog more and blog often. While I would love to challenge myself to a 365 day blog, I know that it won't work. I decided to keep it simple. One post, once a week for one month. Hopefully that will excite me and push me to do more in the weeks and months that follow.

The first post is something that I have been following on Twitter over the past few days... One Word for 2015. Thinking of One Word to define this year is difficult, but not something that I can't live by. I've decided that my word for 2015 is: DETERMINED. I am determined to be the best educator, father, husband, son and friend. I am determined to challenge myself daily and to reach for and surpass the goals that I have set for myself. I am determined to Be More Awesome!

What's YOUR One Word? Leave a comment below or start your blog with that idea!

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  1. My One Word for 2015 is "listen." As I continue to developers my personal and professional goals this year, it is important to listen and allow others to pour into me rather than be the one always pouring.

  2. Oh, well done! Determined is the perfect word for you, with so many brand new opportunities and experiences ahead of you in this new year. Happy New Year, and welcome to the blogging world!