What's your WHY?

What is your Why? This is a question that has been asked so often lately, and it is something that I think about on a daily basis. For me, I have had my WHY since I was a kid. I knew I always wanted to part of the education profession, but lately the WHY has been changing. My thoughts, passion, motivation and desire has been different as of late. 

Ask any teacher, why they teach and they will tell that they are passionate about what they do; the content they teach, the students' lives they touch daily and their love of being in front of a class, making a difference in so many lives. 

Many of us find something that we are passionate about and start to chase this passion and find a way to incorporate it into our lives. Some of us may chase a passion, and when we find it, many of us want to grab it by the horns and make it our own. However, sometimes that thing we are passionate about, doesn't always last when we start to follow it. 

I leave you with this... What's your WHY? Take time and think about this. It's a simple question with a tremendous impact on our daily lives. 

** I recently was recommended that book Start With WHY by Simon Sinek and immediately ordered it. I can't wait to give it a read! If you have read it, I'd love to hear your thoughts! ** 


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