Do Something AMAZING!

"Change is an opportunity to do something amazing." 

For many people change is an extremely scary word however, the idea of change is something that has always been fascinating to me. Change is something that allows us to reflect on our practice, improve our actions and make us become something that we never thought we could become. I am excited by change and try to bring that excitement to my classroom each and every day. 

In our schools and classrooms, change may not be something that many educators are willing to embrace, but as connected educators it is our duty to show others how much change can improve us. We must be able to push others so that they break out of our their comfort zones and embrace new ideas. We are the teachers, leaders and change agents that must show the power of opening new doors for our colleagues and most importantly our students. 

Our students come to school and not only do they need to learn, but they need to be entertained. We need to be able to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary and give our students something that they never expected. We can incorporate all the technology tools and websites into our lessons, and if our students are not excited or walking away wanting to learn more, we are not doing what we need to do to bring about positive change. We have to continue to ask ourselves two things every day; First, what do we expect of ourselves as educators? Second, if we had the ability would we want to be part of our classroom?  With these questions in mind, we can change our classrooms for the better and create an amazing experience for our students. 

There is a scene in The Incredibles, where a kid on a bike watches "Mr. Incredible" every day. Mr. Incredible asks "Well, what are you waiting for?", and the little guy replies "I don't know, something AMAZING I guess!". Each and every day, I think about that interaction between these characters as my students come through my door. I want their experiences in my class to be amazing, and for me the only way for that to happen is to continue to change, learn new methods and allow them to explore. I reflect on my practice often and I think about when I first started teaching, if I never made the change from year 1 to today, I would not have found the things that I am so passionate about today.  


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  1. "We must be able to push others so that break out of our their comfort zones and embrace new ideas." Love this comment and this post. Glad you took the step to publish your ideas to the world! I would agree, excitement is what will motivate ANYONE to learn. I don't learn stuff as an adult that isn't either relevant or exciting. Thanks for sharing your ideas with the world!